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E-Learning / Training


Offering a variety of training and consulting options designed for maintaining a drug-free workplace.

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Employee Training

Inform your workforce on the intricacies of your drug and alcohol policy. Participants will learn how drugs and alcohol can affect their body, as well as their performance in the workplace. Our employee training course complies with Department of Transportation (DOT)-required training guidelines for safety-sensitive employees.

Business Meeting

Professional Urine Drug Screen Collector

Our professional collector training course helps the collector become proficient in collection services according to industry regulations and standards, which ensure the privacy, integrity, and security of the donor and the specimen. After successfully completing the qualifications training program, the Professional Urine Drug Screen Collector will also be required to conduct error-free proficiency testing, proving they are properly trained and prepared to perform collections correctly.

Reasonable Suspicion Training

Learn the signs and symptoms of drug abuse and alcohol misuse in your workplace and receive the tools needed to implement your program. This course also meets the DOT requirement for supervisor training. In this 3 hour classroom course, the supervisor will get the do’s and don’ts to handling reasonable suspicion cases, as well as participate in mock scenarios and learn how individuals cheat on drug tests. We also offer a web-based training course as a cost-effective, convenient alternative to classroom training.


Screen Test Technician (STT) Training

A Screening Test Technician is a person that is permitted to conduct alcohol screening tests using an alcohol screening device (ASD). To be qualified, an STT must be knowledgeable about Part 40 regulations and DOT agency regulations. Upon completion of our training the individual will have the knowledge and ability to conduct alcohol screening tests, using DOT approved alcohol screening devices.

Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT) Training

BAT training is mandatory for anyone interested in performing breath alcohol testing the DOT testing programs. Our web-based program follows the training curriculum as prescribed by the DOT. After completion of the BAT training and completing the equipment training, your employee will be qualified to properly administer a breath alcohol test.


Designated Employee Representative (DER)
Compliance Training

After completing this training program your DER will be prepared for his/her active role in ensuring that your company is fully compliant with DOT regulations regarding the administration of drug and alcohol testing. This practical, easy-to-understand course can be customized according to your company policy.

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