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Lab-Based Urine Testing

As the industry standard, lab-based urine drug testing is used by a majority of companies to monitor employee use of illicit drugs, or abuse of prescribed medications.

  • The urine specimen is collected by a certified professional collector, abiding by industry standards to maintain the integrity of the process and the confidentiality of the donor.

  • The specimen is sent to a nationally certified laboratory for analysis and reported to a certified Medical Review Officer (MRO).

  • The MRO reviews the result and reports out a verified result, assuring that the process is completed according to all applicable standards and regulations.

Rapid Urine Screening

There are many circumstances where there may be a need for “instant” drug test results.  Noble Diagnostics offers a variety of rapid screen kits which give extremely accurate results within 10 minutes or less.

  • Companies can use the rapid screening kits to test prospective employees to give drug-free candidates the ability to start work immediately.

  • As a cost-saving method, employers can do their own collections and conduct their own drug testing.

  • If a rapid drug test shows a non-negative result, the employer should send the sample to a certified laboratory for confirmation, and then have it reviewed by an MRO.

Lab-Based Oral Fluid Testing

Oral fluid testing is gaining popularity with many programs that require convenient, gender-neutral specimen collection.  Oral fluid testing can detect drugs within 10 minutes of ingestion.  This short time frame makes it an excellent test for post-accident and reasonable suspicion training.

  • Oral fluid testing analyzes a saliva sample for drugs and their metabolites.

  • An absorbent collection device is placed in the mouth and the saliva collected is screened for drugs of abuse.

  • Samples are checked to verify the saliva is human and undiluted.

  • The result is reported to an MRO for review.

Lab-Based Hair Testing

Hair testing measures the drug molecules embedded inside the hair shaft.  The non-intrusive collection of the hair sample, along with the inability of donors to adulterate or contaminate the specimen, make hair testing a desirable option to other drug testing methods.

  • Hair testing provides a longer history of drug exposure than any other testing method, making it an excellent tool for positions where there is zero tolerance for drug use.

  • The collected hair specimens are sent to the lab for analysis and reported to the MRO for review.



Setting Up an After Hours Drug & Alcohol Test

(For Post-Accident and/or Reasonable Suspicion Situations)


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